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October 12, 2018

Processing Progress in Axiom

by James Habben

I recently got access to a license to Magent’s Axiom product and have been using it periodically to explore and learn the features. I have used Magnet’s Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) for more years than I really want to admit because it will make me sound really old. I have relied on IEF as a solid platform and tool to investigate the internet and app related artifacts. The Magnet team has done a great job over the years keeping up with artifact storage changes.

With all that flattery done and aside, I am writing this to share with others that don’t have access to Axiom and commend Magnet on the progress feedback displayed during evidence processing. Some forensic suites try to give a simple progress bar. Some of those progress bars seem to move randomly. Some give time estimates. Some estimates increase as time goes on, and some decrease as work is done. This is apparently a hard problem to tackle since there are so many variations and many that leave me feeling like it is e!ort applied in the wrong places.

For those who haven’t been exposed to Axiom yet, here is what the processing screen looks like:


The part I love most about the Axiom screen is the right amount of information which tells me that the process is still in motion. I don’t need some inaccurate estimate on timing, whether it’s an over or under estimation.

Keep up the good work guys!

James Habben

tags: Axiom